Conveyor belts are manufactured in two and three meter widths. With the variety of carcasses and more than 200 types available in different colors and profiles

Nitta supplies high quality conveyor belts with polyurethane or PVC covers or coatings and a variety of fabric blends. These covers are available in a variety of colors, durometers, and profiles. Other covers such as rubber, silicone, and teflon are also available. They have applications in a wide range of industries.

Carcasses utilize over five basic types of fabric including monofilament yarns for rigidity across the belt and multifilament yarns for flexibility across the weft, which allows for troughing or curves. Also included are cotton fill yarns for moisture absorption and polyester warp yarns for strength and low stretch. Anti-static properties are available in specific styles.

Non-toxic and odourless; USDA / FDA Approved; resistant to oils and chemicals; resistance to wear; anti-static.