Rubber Timing Belts

This high qualitysynchronous transmission belt eliminates the problems of chains and gears.

Extra small pitch type fits well for precision equipment and IT systems.

  • Thin, lightweight and superior flexibility of this belt allows compact design application
  • It enables efficient high speed power transmission
  • Low noise operation compared to chain/ gear
  • Maintenance-free
  • Standard belt can used in the temperature range between -30ºC and + 90ºC, and it is also conductive

Super Torque Timing belt

Since this round tooth belt has a high power transmission property, it expands existing applications of timing belts significantly.

Also, it can be used as an alternative for chains and gears.

  • It can be used in wide applications since it has a higher power transmission
  • Longer operating life
  • Quiet operation
  • Cost- Efficient

HTD Timing belts

Round – shape belt teeth enables the distribution of load stress uniformly over the entire belt tooth.

Since the belt tooth engages with the pulley groove without any interference, stress concentration at the root of the belt tooth can eliminated

  • High Power Transmission Capacity

Mega Torque Timing belt

Characteristics of low/ high speed torque timing belt 'MEGA TORQUE' :

  • Large transmission capacity is achievable, at about 2 times that of SUPER TORQUE G (Rubber)(variation subject to pulley diameter and revolution speed)
  • Compact design possible. Compared to SUPER TORQUE G(Rubber), width is approximately 40% smaller on average for the same pulley diameter
  • Pulley of existing models can be used. SUPER TORQUE (S8M, S14M) pulleys can be used as per usual
  • Cost- Efficient