• These high quality PU Vee belts are made out of synthetic material that is particularly resistant to water, animal and vegetable fat, hydrocarbons and many solvents.
  • Their high resistance to wear and tear enables them to be used for more and more applications by a wide range of industries.
  • They can be easily welded in situ using simple equipment and there is no need to dismantle.
  • Their flexibility enables repairs to be carried out immediately and avoids stopping production.
  • Stocks are reduced and simplified as only one roll is required for each cross-section.
  • They can be instantly adapted to all problems by lengthening, shortening or modifying as required.
  • As they are so easily welded, it is often possible to repair drive round, II V II or flat belts that have been damaged.
  • All off-cuts are useable.
  • They provide great freedom in designing conveyors and selecting spacing.