Product Details

Nitta is a leading manufacturer of a variety of high quality flat belts at their factory in Japan, which have wide applications across industries, as listed below :

  • Nitta Poly belts –
    L500, LA35, TFL – 65 for general power transmission& tangential belt applications.

    MA1500S, TFL12S, TFL155, TFL185, LA2-1800S, TM-18-SHE for tangential belt drivers for TFO (Savio, Voulkmenan, Murata etc.) & Texturizing machines (Alidhra, Himson, Bhagat, Barmag etc.) MB -100S & MB1000GSR & TFL10S for tangential (opening roller & rotor belt) for OPEN END machine such as SCHLAFHORST, REITER etc.

  • POLYSPRINT belts –
    TFL-E, TFL –E, TFE30 for applications with small pulley diameters and tangential belt application on spinning machines such as Zinser.

  • SE belts –
    Special super endless belts for high end applications such as Drum belts (512 X12) in Autocones winding machines

  • Spindle Tape & Other –
    SG500, KS-250, STC-10, HUS- 500 for spindle drive applications, preparatory machines in textilespinning machines

    Belts for Folder Glues, Carton Making and Printing & Packaging industry are XH500 - 3mm, 4 mm & 6 mm thick